The history of Baron von Degenberg – Founder of the world’s first wheat beer brewery in 1548


Hundreds of years ago it was forbidden anywhere in the world to use wheat for brewing beer. The golden wheat was seen as too valuable. It was solely used to provide nutrition for the people. It also was a time when Dukes, Barons and Lords were fighting for honor, glory and most importantly land and power.The Baron (Freiherr) von Degenberg was always a swift warlord and well connected in Bavaria, Germany. Even in those days it was well known that it was better to have strong people fighting with you than against you.

There came a time when the Duke of Bavaria wanted to form a lasting alliance with Baron von Degenberg. Von Degenberg already had money, land, and castles. Through the alliance with the Duke, the Baron earned the monopoly to use wheat for brewing beer.

The year 1548 was historic. Baron von Degenberg was the first person in history to be given permission and the privilege of brewing wheat beer, thereby founding the first brewery of its kind in Bavaria.

The Baron proved to be as smart with his new ventures as he was with land conflicts. He engaged the best and most experienced monks in beer brewing. German purity law already existed at that time and the competition to create the best beer on the market began in earnest.

Respecting the German Purity Law of 1516, the monks created the first Degenberg Wheat Beer.
The success of the von Degenberg beers and their taste were so great that you could find Baron von Degenberg’s breweries across the entire Bavarian empire.

Baron von Degenberg continues to be an important part of Bavarian brewing tradition, and an important part of German beer history.

In Germany, we love our beer! When you start something completely new, you want to make it better than anything else that came before. The success of the von Degenberg Wheat Breweries was so spectacular that even decades later, every successor of the Duke of Bavaria was an owner of Wheat Beer breweries.

Even today, wheat beer is one of the best-known German beer products. Still famous around the world almost 500 years later, we continue to brew our beer honoring this long tradition. Our Degenberg today is as spectacular in taste as the Degenberg of 1548, bound by tradition and heritage.


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