German Beer Fest

German Beer is the most famous in the world.

The German Purity Law from 1516, is the worlds

oldest purity law and was the first milestone in

the German beer history.Only 32 years later,

Freiherr von Degenberg in english Baron von

Degenberg, founded the world’s first wheat beer



Most popular are the the Bavarian wheat beer,

the dark beer and the Lager / Pilsner Beer.

Different beers for different occasions and of

course some specialties.


Trachten, Dirndl and Lederhosen

The traditional cloth to the all the beer fest’s in Bavarian, south west of Germany, are the dirndl’s for woman and leatherpants (Lederhosen) for the men.The traditional Dirndl get wear in the whole beer season by the woman and is a common dress even at work.The traditional Lederhosen are very practical and very robust therefore very popular during having a great time at any beer fest. For man also exist more exclusive clothe lines for business as well.

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